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VQMS Pvt Ltd - A management Consulting Company and an Institution is one of the top Industrial training and Consulting platform for Feshers and Professionals.

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Our Client Speak

Appreciate your efforts you put in during training and I feel overall training was very successful . Rajat Mittal

Dear Sir, Thanks for all the effort that you put in to work with the Team and explain them in depth all the Practical applications of Lean management.Really appreciate your Guidance and personally thank you for taking the Time and working with the

Hello Sir ,Please accept our heartfelt thanks for all your support and guidance during our Lean 6 sigma project on defect management & control. It was a huge learning for the team and we benefitted a lot from your constant feedback & guidance. Although the project has gone through, what shall stay with us & reflect in our future projects as well; is the systematic & structured approach to problem solving & working transversally. Sincere Regards,

Dear VQMS Mgmt. Thanks.Your enthusiasm was our source of inspiration throughout, thank you very much for your continual support. Lean Six Sigma Black Belt programme conducted at VQMS Lab was really a great success and achievement in our knowledge and career. The Program was indeed a great learning in terms of understanding the concepts and application using Minitab..Sunil Kumar.

Many Thanks to Mr. Anuj for his patience in clarifying our doubts. In all it was a memorable experience!!! Thanks & Regards,..Navneet Kr

Quick Enquiry

Executive MBA program :

VQMS  is a premier Institution for EMBA , It provides Industry recognized Executive Master of Business Administration EMBA (varied modes of learning). VQMS's EMBA which is a 1 year rigorous program focusing towards imparting practical and industrial knowledge, mainly on the challenges faced by the business world. This program helps to master the opportunities in business that each of our student represent.

VQMS is  ISO 9001:2008 Certified and is approved and accredited by IAO respectively. Syllabus of VQMS  executive MBA meets international standards. For further visit VQMS

VQMS offers an Executive MBA for Various industry base requirements . The goals of which are to convey to students the necessary skills to create an environment in which the continual conception and implementation of multiple complex project is accommodated.

Industry recognized EMBA (International Accreditation):

* EMBA - Quality Maangement System (QMS)

* EMBA - Total Quality Management(TQM)


* EMBA - Process Excellence Management (PEM)

* EMBA - Project Management (PM)

* EMBA - Operational Excellence (OE)

* EMBA - Production Management (Prod M)

* EMBA - Entrepreneurship (Entrep)

* EMBA - Business Management (BusMgmt)

* EMBA - Marketing Management (Mkt)

* EMBA - Human Resource Management (HR)

* EMBA - Digital Marketing (DigMkt)

Eligibility for EMBA Programs :

Graduation from UGC recognized University - college

* Any other recognized Foreign University with three year post-qualification work experience.

* You should have atleast 50% marks in graduation

* 35% in case of SC / ST / OBC / Handicap / War Widows, and 40% in case of General

* 2+ yrs of experience after Graduation

* Diploma of any Govt Institute / University / Board or any other recognized foreign University with 10+ year experience in reputed organization

* No live backlog

Recognition / Accreditation :

* Govt regd. No 229559 org., under Min of Corporate Affairs, Govt of India

* ISO certified organization.

* Accredited with International Accreditation Organization.

* VQMS - EMBA Programs are widely preferred as an industry recognized programs.

* VQMS - EMBA is a knowledgeable management Program and is towards performance management for professionals / students. Performance been derived from candidates via EMBA skill enhancement programs.

Programme objectives

Developing their managerial and leadership capabilities.

Sharpening their ability to think critically and communicate clearly.

Enhancing their conceptual and interpersonal skills.

Inculcating a habit of thinking creatively and innovatively.

Imparting knowledge of world-class business practices and gaining a global perspective.

Unique features

World-class curriculum adapted for application throughout the world.

Flexible learning / hybrid mode of learning / Skype based learning

Practical case studies / Case Scenarios based studies / Assignments / Projects

Emphasis on personality development, teamwork and soft skills

Focus on “doing” it practically, logically and industry linked

Upon completing the program students are able to understand and implement effective business management techniques, understand the mechanisms and structures required to realize industrial project successfully and have an overall understanding and awareness of the Leadership, Cultural and Environmental aspects that affect and influence the success of a project, incorporate management aspects into their EMBA program via modules.

The business school’s of management elective for its EMBA students focuses on three key dimensions of management: Time, Cost and Quality . It gives students the opportunity to gain hands on experience with technologies as well as engaging with issues of organization and strategy in a company.

Eligibility under Industry Sponsored Category : 

The candidate must furnish the basic eligibility criteria for applying under this category. Candidate must be working in the sponsoring company at the time of admission. The top authorities like CEO or MD must sponsor the candidate and submit a letter to that effect. The candidate shall continue his services in the sponsoring company as long as he is doing the course. The moment he leaves, his admission will also be cancelled. The candidate must give an undertaking to that effect.

For Industry Sponsor: :

Any company whose turnover is more than 3-5 crores. Preference will be given to companies having relationship with SCMHRD in terms of summer and final placements, live projects etc.

Duration : 

12 months comprising two semesters. Fast track mode (6 months) The last semester, students are required to do a live project.

Who should attend : 

Working executive who aspire to promote themselves to the management level of their companies can join this program. Self-made entrepreneurs, doctors, physicians, academic administrators and army personnel interested in further education can join this program.

Managers interested to upgrade themselves with the latest trends in management and improve their technology base can join. Executive aspiring to switch their profiles to cross-functional domains will benefit from this program.

Deciding on an Executive MBA :

For working professionals with 5 or more years of work experience, an Executive MBA program (EMBA) is the perfect option to pursue a part-time / Weekend / Online / Distance / Hybrid modes of MBA focused on Leadership, hone your business and management skills, and move your career to the next level.

Women and the Executive MBA

An Executive MBA can be even more of a juggling act for women who may have to balance work, study and family commitments. Highly beneficial for women's who can not attend regular session of colleges and universities.

Why Executive Management Programs -EMBA :

Most managers in the midst of their careers are unlikely to be able to, or want to take two years out to study a full-time MBA, but this is where an Executive MBA can meet the requirements of the middle manager. Catering specifically to those with considerable work experience (business schools demand a minimum of five years managerial experience for EMBA candidates which many middle managers will have) who wish to advance their careers without abandoning them temporarily, the EMBA has great appeal to ambitious middle managers who want to increase their marketability and value as an employee.

Employer support :

However, a middle manager wishing to embark on an EMBA relies, in many respects, on the good will of their employer. Some companies will encourage their employees to pursue further education, providing them with either financial support or allowing time off for scheduled study modules if needed. Although the number of companies sponsoring employees on an EMBA is dwindling, employers on the whole do still recognize the immense value such a degree can bring to their company. Support from the employer, financial or otherwise, is crucial and should be discussed before enrolling into a program.

A worthwhile investment

Despite the challenges and demands of an EMBA program, the benefits the degree can bring to those in middle management roles are tremendous. Not only is it an ideal way of improving one’s salary, it also facilitates career advancement and opens doors to new opportunities – both within a candidate’s existing workplace or further afield. For those experiencing the middle management squeeze, an Executive MBA could be just what is needed to breathe new life into slightly stagnant careers.

Studying part-time while working :

“The tried, trusted and true values of an EMBA are the program’s flexibility, and the fact that it enables students to implement their knowledge and skills directly into the workplace,” says director of MBA programs at Westminster Business School in the UK.

EMBA participants (and their companies) reap the benefits of the MBA immediately, as studying part-time while working is the norm for these programs.

“Students enjoy the same unique experience as full-time students, networking with classmates from all sectors, background and cultures and learning from their experiences,” she says. “And as well as studying the fundamentals of key functional business areas, there is a period of integration and application where modules take a multi-disciplinary approach to real-world business issues.”

This insight into real-world business issues is particularly valuable in today’s business environment, which is one of rapid change and diverse challenges. “An Executive MBA develops leaders and innovators who can meet those challenges, driving organizations – both public and private – forward”.

Experential learning and reflection :

While the experiential learning offered by EMBA programs allows candidates to implement what they’ve learnt in the business school classroom immediately into the workplace, having the time to reflect on this newly acquired knowledge is yet another true value of the Executive MBA.

“Reflection is part of the daily discipline of the program, but is something that gets lost in the hectic world of deadlines and crises, mistakenly, we believe,” Vandenbosch says. “By developing the habit of conscious, regular reflection is an excellent approach to learning and an excellent precursor to action.”

MBA Knowledge Partnerships (Faculty -n- Students -n-Employers) :

An Executive MBA may be an individual qualification to pursue, but candidates are not alone in their experience and it is this fostering of an EMBA community which is believed to be a core value of this prestigious certification.

“The most tried and true value underpinning our EMBA is one of partnership, “Students are not empty vessels to be filled with knowledge, nor are faculty the only ‘experts’ in the room. Instead, we firmly believe the most valuable learning comes from the partnership between faculty and participants, with all of us bringing different types of knowledge and expertise into the learning forum.”

Employers are also part of that MBA partnership, “In many cases, students are sponsored by their employers who, not unreasonably, want to derive practical benefits from student learning. This they do by supplying challenging projects and topics for students to work on for their assignments and dissertations – and seeing immediate value in the work produced as a result, often solving long-standing problems or generating new insights around key decisions.”

Learning from the Executive MBA Challenge :

Candidates may encounter a few obstacles along the way as they embark on an Executive MBA. There is, after all, a hefty cost involved in pursuing the degree, not to mention time away from the office and family. But overcoming these obstacles and stepping up to the MBA challenge is also a value of the degree.

Professor Nick van der Walt, executive director of the Executive MBA program at H. International Business School, campus says the EMBA is a tough program but that is what makes it a valuable degree.  “The fact that you have been selected and had the tenacity and ability to undertake it makes a clear statement to employers.”

However, being accepted onto the program is only the first of many beneficial challenges to come !

World Executive MBA Tour :

Executive MBA Meets / Seminars / Fairs are the perfect venue for experienced professionals with six or more years of work experience and interested in part-time study the perfect venue to meet representatives from top Executive MBA programs from around the world face-to-face.

Executive MBA (EMBA) programs are designed for experienced professionals who do not want to take a prolonged period of time away from their careers. EMBA programs are typically delivered in part-time format over a period of 12-24 months, allowing participants to study while they work to obtain this prestigious graduate degree.

Company project / Industrial Project :

Our EMBA or Executive MBA programs are also include with company assignment or project. This assignment can be linked to your own practical scenario or organizations and provide you with an excellent opportunity for hands-on practice, or it can be a consulting mission for another company or even an entrepreneurial project.

The project will require you – the EMBA participant – to use all the core module skills acquired on the program, and will be an integral part of the assessment leading to your certification. If your company has a project to propose, make it part of your ‘deal’.

After all, hiring an external consultancy can be an expensive operation, so why not use that budget to fund part or all of your tuition fees and carry out the mission for your company at the same time? It can be a rewarding experience for all, including the organization, which will benefit from the expertise of ‘consultants’ from different corporate cultures and industries (who just happen to be your EMBA classmates).

Balancing act :

One of the greatest benefits of an Executive MBA programs is that you don’t have to give  up your full time work in order to study – you do it at the same time! But that requires a balancing act.

By enrolling in an EMBA, not only do you have to find time for work and family commitments, you now need to find time for your coursework – and an EMBA workload is intense! However, business schools are aware of the time and energy commitment required for an EMBA program and in many instances, run their EMBA in such a way that it won’t interfere with your full-time job. In fact, it will only enhance it.

What you do need though is support from your family and your employer. Make sure they are aware of the commitment you are going to have to give your EMBA Certifications , because without their support, your EMBA just got a whole lot tougher!

Managing change as business leaders :

In short, there is an art to project management, one that can be learned, enhanced and refined. For ambitious business leaders wishing to further, or establish, a career in project management, the good news is project-based organizations are on the rise in almost all business sectors, from information technology to healthcare, engineering to marketing. Being able to apply a specifically acquired skill set in such organizations will set an EMBA programs apart from his or her competitors.

The quality to which project management is undertaken by business leaders can determine the success or failure of every business. It is therefore not surprising that many business schools offer the subject as part of their Executive MBA program. While the majority of EMBA programs around the globe will incorporate project management techniques into their broad portfolio of modules, some programs offer process or project management MBA modules.

Interested Participants or Audiences ?

VQMS specifically designed course, meets the requirements of the following:
  • Experienced engineering graduates / Post Graduates / Professionals / Job seekers.
  • Management team of Organizations of any Industry or Vertical
  • Future managers including management students, seeking practical learnings and industrial project implementations
  • Quality Assurance Engineers, Team Leaders, IT or Non-IT Professionals, Practitioners, Software Quality Assurance, Project Managers, and Jr /Senior Management
  • Any other professional members who are doing research, innovations or consulting in process improvement practices / Corporate Governance and Mangement

Mode of Payment :
  • VQMS Flexible Payment modes are Cash or Others (any)
  • Other payment modes are Demand Draft / Cheque / Credit and Debit Cards.
  • DD/Cheque to be made in the favour of “Vigorous Quality Management System”, payable at New Delhi.

Post Completion of the course :
  • 100% Job Assistance
  • VQMS assist in resume preparation
  • Assisting in improving interview skills vis-a-vis Quality (Business excellence)
  • Provide exclusive counselling in other areas of improvement.